The Problems with Sherlock’s “Final Problem”

Sherlock aired its season 4 finale this Sunday in the UK, and possibly it’s final episode ever. There were some good things about “The Final Problem” but plenty more confusing plot holes to be investigated.

I’ve written an article for Creators Media (formerly Movie Pilot) trying to get the bottom of all of it. Or more accurately, throwing my hands up in total confusion and annoyance.

Take a look at the full article here.

The Weird World of Street Sharks’ Alternate History

I wrote a piece for Movie Pilot about the bizarro alternate history of the Saturday morning cartoon Street Sharks.

The original story came from the website Geek (as fully credited in my piece), who tell the tale of Jordan Minor, who made himself the editor of the Street Sharks section of (now simply He began to make up synopsis for episodes that never excited and from there…

…well, let’s just say things got weird as fact and fiction blurred. Read the full article here.

The Last Minute Changes That Saved Great TV Shows

I wrote a piece for WhatCulture about the last minute changes that saved great TV shows.

Would you have watched Lost if Jack had died in the pilot? Frasier if the pompous radio host was a housebound, paraplegic newspaper magnate?

Read the full article here to find out what the shows you love almost looked like.

(Oh, and this was an article I got a lot of heat for on Twitter from Taylor Lautner fans for a throwaway line in the intro)

I Rip Into American Horror Story: Murder House and Asylum

My fiance, most of my work mates, and various friends and family members are big fans of the American Horror Story anthology series. It’s safe to say that having seen the first two seasons, I am not.

I reviewed Murder House and Asylum together for Comic Bastards. I gave it a score of 2/5, noting that it feels “as though it’s written by an excitable child with ADHD”.

Read the full review(s) here.