The Last Minute Changes That Saved Great TV Shows

I wrote a piece for WhatCulture about the last minute changes that saved great TV shows.

Would you have watched Lost if Jack had died in the pilot? Frasier if the pompous radio host was a housebound, paraplegic newspaper magnate?

Read the full article here to find out what the shows you love almost looked like.

(Oh, and this was an article I got a lot of heat for on Twitter from Taylor Lautner fans for a throwaway line in the intro)


10 Youngest Ever Premier League Goalscorers

Back in late February and early March, Manchester United startlet Marcus Rashford was making a name for himself by scoring four goals in his first two senior games for the club.

Inspired by the young striker, I wrote an article for WhatCulture detailing the 10 youngest ever Premier League goalscorers, and what happened next for the record breakers. We still don’t know if Rashford will end up as a Rooney or a Macheda.

Read the full article here.