Is Rick and Morty’s “Evil Morty” related to our Rick?

I wrote a piece for Movie Pilot that functions as a semi-review of the “Rick and Morty” episode “The Ricklantis Mixup” (which, for the record, was excellent) and also a discussion of a fan theory that suggests the antagonist “evil” Morty might be Rick’s original Morty.

It’s a bit complicated. But you can read the whole thing here.


I Rip Into American Horror Story: Murder House and Asylum

My fiance, most of my work mates, and various friends and family members are big fans of the American Horror Story anthology series. It’s safe to say that having seen the first two seasons, I am not.

I reviewed Murder House and Asylum together for Comic Bastards. I gave it a score of 2/5, noting that it feels “as though it’s written by an excitable child with ADHD”.

Read the full review(s) here.