Arrival Review

I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, but sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough intelligent science fiction films about.

Thankfully, Arrival has…er…arrived, and it’s spectacular.

I saw it last night and I’ve written a review on Movie Pilot. I called it “a triumph of smart sci-fi” and you can read my full review here.


The Ridiculous Six Review

Adam Sandler’s Netflix exclusive comedy western, The Ridiculous Six, was the first film I ever reviewed for Comic Bastards. In was an inauspicious start, as it was the first film I had ever seen (and remains so even now. Yes, worse than The Room. At least that is funny).

I gave the film 1/5 (1 is as low as the ranking system goes. If I could have gone into minus figures, I would have) and said that “the truth is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of films to choose from on Netflix – and I would bet this overlong, unfunny, borderline offensive mess is the worst.”

Read the full review here.