The Ridiculous Six Review

Adam Sandler’s Netflix exclusive comedy western, The Ridiculous Six, was the first film I ever reviewed for Comic Bastards. In was an inauspicious start, as it was the first film I had ever seen (and remains so even now. Yes, worse than The Room. At least that is funny).

I gave the film 1/5 (1 is as low as the ranking system goes. If I could have gone into minus figures, I would have) and said that “the truth is that there are hundreds upon hundreds of films to choose from on Netflix – and I would bet this overlong, unfunny, borderline offensive mess is the worst.”

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I Rip Into American Horror Story: Murder House and Asylum

My fiance, most of my work mates, and various friends and family members are big fans of the American Horror Story anthology series. It’s safe to say that having seen the first two seasons, I am not.

I reviewed Murder House and Asylum together for Comic Bastards. I gave it a score of 2/5, noting that it feels “as though it’s written by an excitable child with ADHD”.

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