Announcing “Departure”, a forthcoming novel

ertificate of Completion.png

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll have seen me post this today. It was my way of announcing a novel I’m working on called “Departure”, book 1 in a trilogy of novels tentatively called “The Ark Trilogy”.

The genre is sci-fi (or perhaps more accurately “cli-fi”) and I’m excited about it. There’s no set date for release yet, but keep checking back for more info!

To keep up to date with “Departure” and my other projects, join my mailing list. You can also keep up to date by following me on Facebook, and Medium (where I’ll also be posting sneak peaks of the work in progress).

If you want to check out some of my writing while you wait for “Departure”, you can check out my short story anthology “Static: Collected Stories” on Amazon.


Why I Decided to Self Publish

As you may be aware, I recently made a short story anthology Static: Collected Stories available on Kindle for just £1.99 (you can buy it here).

Over on my Medium blog, I wrote a post to explain why I decided to self-publish it (after spending years vowing I wouldn’t self-publish).

You can read the post here.

(Incidentally, if you want some free samples of the kind of stories you’ll encounter in Static: Collected Stories then you can find some on Medium, here.)

Oh No, It’s a Mailing List!

So, let’s talk about mailing lists.

I’ve been hearing about mailing lists ever since I started making serious attempts at becoming a writer (what do you mean you couldn’t tell from my writing that I’m serious about it? Shut up). What I’ve also been doing is burying my head in the sand about it.

Because it seems daunting. Because it seems like a lot of work. And because, although a lot of writers and bloggers talk about it, very few people talk about how you actually get it off the ground in the first place.

But, thanks to the amazing help from the group at Ninja Writers, I’m giving it a go.

And that’s where I am at the moment. My number of subscribers sits at zero. But I hope I can increase that. I would like my subscribers to enjoy a regular newsletter with links to my latest articles across various websites I write for, with (hopefully) excepts from my work in progress novel, with general musings on life and writing that might entertain. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

But first, I guess, I need to get the subscriber number up to…an actual number. So if you want to be one of the first to get a look at my sci-fi novel (that I plan to complete during NaNoWriMo), or you’d like to read my take on football, movies and TV, then click the link below, pop in your details and sign up.

Let’s be friends.

Welcome to David Fox Writing!

I’m a full time office drone and part time freelance writer. In my spare time I write short stories and have two novels on the go (one of which I’m serialising online – very, very slowly – at Inkitt). I also find time to write regularly for a number of popular sites including Just Football, Movie Pilot and WhatCulture, and I’m always open to offers to write. I also have a Medium account where I published short fiction and other musings I also recently published a short fiction anthology called Static: Collected Stories and you can buy it on Kindle here – for just £1.99!

I’ve decided that it would be good to collate everything I write in one place, so that’s why I started David Fox Writing. It will also give me a place to put my unpublished short stories and musings that perhaps don’t fit anywhere else.

I’ve started a mailing list where you will get all sorts of things including new short stories, excepts from my as-yet-unpublished novels, links to my published articles and all sorts of other things. Sign up here, if you’d like to:

In the meantime, come and have a look around the site. I hope you enjoy what you read! If you want to get in touch, feel free to reach me via email at, or on Twitter or via my Facebook Page.