“Jon Snow Is Dead”: Game Of Thrones Season 6 News

I recently posted some news about Game Of Thrones’ upcoming season 6 on Moviepilot after Jon Snow actor Kit Harrington declared that “Jon Snow is dead”.

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5 Reaons Why Man Utd Must Sack Louis Van Gaal

Things have gotten a bit better for Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United recently – this past Friday they beat Championship side Derby County 3-1 to ease through to the 5th round of the F.A. Cup.

Prior to that, they had lost 1-0 to Southampton at Old Trafford in an absolutely dire game. After that I wrote (in anger, it must be said) for WhatCulture detailing why it was time for United to sack the Dutchman.

He’s still in situ at the time of writing, but surely it’s only a matter of time…

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Welcome to David Fox Writing!

I’m a full time office drone and part time freelance writer. In my spare time I write short stories and have two novels on the go (one of which I’m serialising online – very, very slowly – at Inkitt). I also find time to write regularly for a number of popular sites including Just Football, Movie Pilot and WhatCulture, and I’m always open to offers to write. I also have a Medium account where I published short fiction and other musings I also recently published a short fiction anthology called Static: Collected Stories and you can buy it on Kindle here – for just £1.99!

I’ve decided that it would be good to collate everything I write in one place, so that’s why I started David Fox Writing. It will also give me a place to put my unpublished short stories and musings that perhaps don’t fit anywhere else.

I’ve started a mailing list where you will get all sorts of things including new short stories, excepts from my as-yet-unpublished novels, links to my published articles and all sorts of other things. Sign up here, if you’d like to:


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